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Be a gamechanger, not a player

Self reflective frameworks

Our novel solution helps students perform better by getting them to think about how they think—metacognition—and have them strategize how they study

20+ Strategy Tools

Boost academic performance from 40% to 110% within  4 to 8 weeks

SMART Goal Setting tool

Study Productivity Enhancer

Exam & Work Planner

Exam Day Strategy

Work Prioritization

Procrastination Destroyer

Conviction to Action

Interruptions Blaster

What You Get

Study Skills

You will develop your own personal approach to study and learning. Study skills are transferable – you will take them with you beyond your education into new contexts. 

Getting Organised to Study

Creating Time to Study

Revision Skills

Test Taking Skills

Practice mindfulness, visualizations of succeeding on the test, mentally “going where the information is stored in your brain”, and time management techniques.

Deep Dive Performance Analysis

Exam Day Strategy

Self Awareness Strategies in Exam

Problem Solving Skills

Increase your problem solving skills & techniques, develop more strategic ways of thinking, and train your brain to do more today.

Decision Making Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Subjects & Grade Levels


Social Studies


Board prep





Test Prep

College Prep

Grade Levels

8th - 12th Grade

Board Exams

JEE/ NEET/ Competitive Exams


Increased Exam Performance

Students Onboarded

Conviction to Action


Improved Time Management

Strategy Consultants

IIT & IIM alumns working for top global firms

Strategy Consultants primarily analyze study practices and goals and make suggestions for improvements or strategic direction. They devise strategies for cutting errors, increasing performance and making key decisions. On every call, they troubleshoot current problems and implement solutions.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Training

Students learn more when they are actively engaged at home than they do in other passive environments. As change starts at home, any disconnect may have a detrimental effect on students’ motivation, engagement, and ability to self-regulate their own learning.

Let’s Strategize Together!

Weekly our community members come together to share an idea, product or challenge they are currently facing in their life or business and receive peer advice and feedback to help move them forward with clarity and intention!