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How to lay sod

how to lay sod Once you’ve adequately prepped the soil, you’re now ready to lay the rolls of sod down. This will ensure that your sod will take root and continue to grow. Step 2: Measure the Sodding Area. This is in contrast to the cost of seed, which costs less than 4 cents per square foot (0. You can start layering the sod from an edge as it helps to maintain clean lines and even spacing. Step 1: Measure your area accurately. This is a great guide for how to do it correctly. Of all the options available, laying sod is the quickest and often the most reliable way to getting a new lawn full of thick green grass. You can roll sod again right after laying or up to a couple of weeks past. Jul 19, 2013 · Laying the Sod. Just like that. This can be done with a garden fork or spade although a rotovator will provide a more consistent depth and is ideal for working in any topsoil you have added yourself. By starting on the edges, you ensure that the edges will at least have sod strips of the full width, making them less likely to dry out. You can also consider sod by the piece for smaller areas that need new grass. This loosens the dirt and uncovers any buried rocks. Continue to lay sod in a brick work . Lay the first row of sod all the way along the straight edge. Watering. Planting sod and grass is much easier than you think! Below, we’ll break down how you can lay your own sod for a beautiful Texas lawn. prior to your grass delivery. Till – To install sod, the old turf needs to be removed with a sod cutter. Lay sod over the tree roots, on top of the soil. How to Lay Sod 1. Step 1: Test the Soil. First, make sure the soil/surface you are planting the sod to is reasonably free of stones and large chunks of old grass and weeds. 3. Nov 16, 2020 · Lay strips of sod on the prepared site, edge to edge but with staggered joints in a brick-like pattern. In this section, let’s take a look at nine steps to get this job done! Measure The Space And Buy Sod Laying lawn sod requires hauling about 35 lb. Step 5: Lay down the sod. This is where you will lay the first roll. Bring in a top soil/ compost mix and spread it evenly through the yard. How To Lay Sod - DIY Style. Cut the edges of the excess sod immediately with a lawn edger. Laying Sod Preparation. This is particularly true in areas where wind and potential soil erosion is a factor, because seed can be blown or washed away before it has a chance to become established […] Jun 23, 2021 · Try laying sod yourself. 0 One of the most important stages in laying sod is to properly prepare your base. Step 3: Soil Preparation. Before you even think about laying your sod, preparing the soil upon which you will lay the sod is very important. Your new sod should root within 10-14 days of application. Aug 27, 2019 · Grass sod for the average 1/5-acre lawn costs $2,600 to $7,000. Water thoroughly one or two days before the sod is delivered so that the top […] Mar 25, 2015 · Measuring for sod (squares and circles) Measuring for sod (oval and oddball) Measuring for sod (triangle, trapezoid, and 'its complicated' ) Typically, sod comes on pallets that are either 504 square feet or 450 square feet. Water sod thoroughly with a penetration of about six inches. Lay each roll of sod against the one before it. Unroll the grass strip gently, placing it snugly against the walk. Jun 14, 2021 · 3. Photo courtesy of DG Turf Farm of Greenleaf, Idaho. That being said, many homeowners will want to attempt sod installation themselves. Gently rake out any footprints. Continue laying subsequent rows, but stagger the pieces of sod so that the seams do not line up with each other. Laying sod takes time and can take hours. Step 4: Laying the Sod. Lay down the first row of sod. Keep in mind that new sod cannot be placed over existing growth, so remember to pull out any weeds or plants beforehand. Prep the Area & Lay the Sod. Water new sod within one hour of installing. May 28, 2021 · Installing sod is usually left for the professionals. This is just similar to how you lay hardwood flooring. Spray an herbicide over the entire yard. Fit the sod into the area and "knit" the edges together by squeezing them toward each other with your hands. pieces of sod and bending up and down with that 35 lbs. Installing sod has been compared to laying tiles or bricks in the sense that the first strip you lay determines how smoothly the entire project will go. Lay a sod at one end of your lawn and start to unroll it from the other side. As well as being enriched and weed free it should also be as level as possible. How to soil prep for sod. Once the existing plant life dies, till and rake the ground. Jun 30, 2021 · How to Lay Sod . As we mentioned, laying sod is not the cheapest route to the new lawn, and hiring specialists to do the job will probably double the price. unrolling and laying sod. Jul 10, 2021 · You can skip rounded areas (curves, corners, and the like) and focus on the straight ones. Sod installed in the summer needs much more water to keep it healthy, but it typically looks great because it is the growing season. Once the sod is down, lightly roll it to remove air pockets, and then water it . Jun 09, 2020 · How To Lay Sod Over Existing Lawn Many homeowners like to ask this question “How to lay sod over existing lawn?” Although installing new sod requires less care and maintenance procedures than seeding, the prep work required for laying it directly over grass is almost the same, as it must come in contact with freshly turned soil to take root. To install sod on an existing lawn, cut any existing grass low, and level out any holes or step dips in the yard. Choose good quality sod. It doesn't need to. Soil Preparation. Unscrupulous installers will often do little or no prep work and just lay the sod on whatever they find in your yard. Rake mounds of soil down until they are flat. Lowe's stores sell sod by the piece, so you won't have to buy a full order of 500 square feet for patch jobs. EMAIL. Next, lay compost on the lawn. Mar 12, 2018 · Sod is a form of grass that comes in sheets or rolls. Tri-Turf Sod specializes in supplying to Golf Courses and Athletic Field Contractors and we do many jobs with Home Builders and Commercial Builders all over the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Using a sod cutter, which you can rent from a local hardware store, chop the existing sod into long strips. Once this stretch is done, keep laying the sod like brick by staggering . Offset the seams in each row as if you were laying bricks for a wall. The prep work was kindda gross, but the actual laying and cutting of the sod was fun and the result is INSTANT. Sod must be kept watered until fully rooted. Start the second roll of sod so its end neatly abuts the first. Jul 19, 2021 · Once you know how to lay sod, you can have a gorgeous lawn anywhere in your yard in just a few days. Use a large sharp knife for shaping sod around trees, at flower beds or along borders. It also allows you to address any drainage or grading issues before laying the new sod. Soil surfaces should be 1 inch below walkways, patios and driveways to accommodate the sod thickness. Fill any holes with topsoil to avoid gaps between the soil and the sod. A utility knife or sharp spade is handy for cutting sod to fit irregular areas. Aug 20, 2020 · When changing or replacing existing sod, you can either apply the glyphosate to kill it or remove the existing sod with a mechanical sod cutter. Rake the soil and make sure it's level, then sprinkle with water to prep the surface. Aug 19, 2021 · Before laying down a sod make sure to water the land so that when you lay down the sod, the moisture of the soil remains which will help the grass to survive longer and better. Soil preparation is the process of roto-tilling compost into the soil. Staying laying the sod. Before installing your new sod, you should moisten the soil using a hose or sprinkler. Jun 23, 2021 · If you’re not afraid of a little sweat equity, here’s how to lay sod that will thrive: Do a soil test. There are a few key steps detailed below that will make your project a success and ensure a thriving lawn for decades to come. Price: The cost of sod is generally consistent among varieties. If you lay sod in the heat of summer, moisten the surface of the planting area before putting down the turf. Water the sod on the pallets lightly to keep it from drying out. Jun 09, 2015 · Step 3: Lay Sod Base. Soil preparation is important before laying sod as it is the main determinant of a successful lawn. Remove the Old Grass. Keep laying the sod. Jun 04, 2014 · Laying sod is a good muscle building project that can be pretty fun and rewarding if done correctly. Lay your rows of sod with alternating joints. Give the sod 1 inch of water every two or three days. Water frequently and mow when the grass is 3 inches tall. Lay out the next rows accordingly, consistently raking any footprints away and pressing the sheets to hide the seams. How to Lay SOD Lay Sod Within 6 Hours Begin laying sod as soon as possible (within 6 hours) upon delivery especially during the summer months to avoid damage from overheating. May 30, 2021 · Pallets of sod loaded on a truck, ready for delivery. When laying sod, the first step is to completely clear the area . After laying the first row of sod, rake the soil smooth and start the second row. Completely soak the sod with at least 1" of water. The outermost edges of the piece of sod should not be exposed, cover them with soil, or place them at ground level. Rolling the strips promotes a faster rooting . Lay out the sod as you would a rug or tiles. Have the sod delivered the morning of installation if possible. The soil in the planting area should be moist, not soggy or dry. Laying sod is a fun experience when done correctly. “It’s your best opportunity to get the nutrient level correct,” says Waltz. 5. You will do best with sod that is hardy under less than optimal conditions. Lay the first length of sod along a straight edge such as a sidewalk or exising length of sod. Feb 09, 2021 · How to Lay Sod in 5 Easy Steps. Make sure you have all necessary tools before you begin. Unroll the first roll of sod along it. This person can also lay the pieces of sod on the soil. Staple the sod in place with biodegradable sod staples, which will eventually break down into the soil. It can also lead to additional soil erosion, as it is easier for the water to flow through. Professionally installed lawns will cost you between $300-$1,000. Lay the first roll of sod along your sidewalk, curb, driveway, patio, or garden, making sure it's in a straight line. This layer should be removed from the landscape. How much sod you need influences the price. Now it is time to start laying your sod. Lay the new sod. Laying sod down on dry dirt will cause the new sod to die. Step 5: After the Installation. Establishing a Lawn from Sod In Indiana, most new lawns are established by seed, but sod is a common alternative. Never cover or water sod when it is on a pallet. Apr 08, 2021 · 2. First, identify the longest straight patch of land in your yard and lay the first roll of sod there. Once the sod and soil are thoroughly mixed, add the topsoil and nutrients (lime or sulfur) and work them in with the tiller. It’s good to begin lying the sod against a path or wall. Learn how to lay sod on your own. Cutting on the dirt side of the roll . . You should allow your grass to grow for up to 4 to 5 inches before mowing the lawn. On slopes, start at the bottom and run perpendicular. Then start laying the sod from the side of your yard. Begin by identifying your garden’s longest straight edge. Stagger the pieces as you normally would when laying sod. How big does a pallet of sod need to be? How to Lay SOD Lay Sod Within 6 Hours Begin laying sod as soon as possible (within 6 hours) upon delivery especially during the summer months to avoid damage from overheating. Also, check that all the extra grasses already present on your land is removed using a cutter or other tool too. The. Use a garden rake (also known as a bow rake) to level the soil and break up any large chunks. Start by watering the area. Jul 13, 2017 · Laying the strips vertically can lead to the sod slipping out of place. Be wary of low bids. Mar 21, 2019 · 2. Prepare the Soil. It may take more time than hiring someone to have it installed professionally, but the end result of a beautiful lawn will be worth every minute. 5" inches daily. Mist the soil lightly before setting the sod. Choose sod types that requires the amount of maintenance you prefer. Preparing the ground in Florida for sod installation is an uncomplicated process. Mar 25, 2015 · Measuring for sod (squares and circles) Measuring for sod (oval and oddball) Measuring for sod (triangle, trapezoid, and 'its complicated' ) Typically, sod comes on pallets that are either 504 square feet or 450 square feet. Hint: Don’t soak the sod, it will make it much heavier to pick up and carry. Start a new roll immediately where the roll finished. In most cases it won't be necessary to add too much extra dirt, but the little bit of compost will help give some nutrients to the roots while your new grass becomes established Put the plugs into the holes and firmly press lawn soil over the roots. If the outside climate is really hot and dry, it is a good practice to lay a pallet, then water, lay another pallet, then water again and so on. This should be accomplished with about five to ten minutes of watering two to three times a day, depending on the weather. ft of sod for $2,176 or you can do it yourself for about $843 . Water the soil. Install When Delivered. TWEET. If you have a bare or barren patch of yard, sod is a moderately priced way to turn a brown or weedy patch into a thick, green lawn. This promotes turf-to-soil contact and a smooth, even appearance. Apr 29, 2021 · Lift a corner sod to check moisture conditions. Lay Down Sod for an Instantly Green Lawn. Jun 07, 2017 · For Sod Installed in Hot Weather: If the sod is installed in above 80°F weather, you need to water two times in a day for the first 3 days. In this section, let’s take a look at nine steps to get this job done! Measure The Space And Buy Sod Surprisingly, sod rolls begin heating in the center and deteriorate from the inside out. When you get to the center, sod widths may have to be trimmed (use a sharp . Aug 04, 2014 · Successfully laying sod is all about how you approach the task. Jul 01, 2021 · Start laying the sod pieces near straight lines, such as near your sidewalk, and stagger the placement like a mason staggers bricks. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Then, the bare ground needs to be tilled about 6 to 8 inches down in order to loosen . Keep in mind that sod needs to be bought and planted the same day. Once the . However, carefully executing . Use boards to move around on the sod. Oct 09, 2018 · Water the entire area 12 to 24 hours before laying sod to provide base moisture. They will indicate if the sod is alive or dead. The major secret to laying sod and being successful is for it to take roots and acquire as many nutrients as possible since sod has limited nutrients. Steps for Laying Sod 1. 15. Apr 24, 2021 · 6 Steps To Lay Sod Yourself (With Pictures) Turn under the old sod with a gas-powered rotary tiller. Once your yard is ready for sod, the installation process is quite simple. “Sod is a rapid way to establish a lawn and to patch areas efficiently,” says Clint Waltz, PhD, extension turfgrass specialist at the University of Georgia’s . May 24, 2019 · Lay sod on a cool, overcast day to minimize plant stress. Each time of year has different needs and initial appearances. Identify the longest straight patch in your yard. Laying down sod is also useful for filling in patchy areas of an established lawn, and can be very effective for controlling erosion. Landscaping is never easy and the same applies to installing the sod right. Laying sod yourself can save money and give you complete control over the outcome of the health of your yard. You’ll need this to cut through the rolls of sod you intend to lay. Cut and Lay the Sod Using a sod cutter or a very sharp knife, cut the sod to fit the area (this can be tricky). Lay the first strip of sod along a straight edge such as a front sidewalk. Apr 02, 2016 · Sod Installation (How To Lay Sod) I think one of the most common questions we receive is how hard is it to lay a sod lawn? The answer is not really hard at all. Rake out the area before laying each piece of sod to loosen the top layer of soil and optimize rooting. Spread 2 inches of finished. Make. Butt the strips tightly together to produce undetectable joints. over and over again—it generally takes one person two hours to lay down one pallet of sod. Not only is the staggered appearance easier on the eyes—you won’t see the lines as well—it helps the pieces grow together better since the edges lose moisture quicker than the center of the sod pieces. Worry less about the little spaces between the rolls. Whether your sod comes in squares or rolls, this strategy is the best. Follow the string line down the center of the field to make sure it's straight. Depending on the size of your particular project, it should only take a day or so. How big does a pallet of sod need to be? Lay down the first row of sod. After laying sods, try not to walk over the just laid sod. Proper soil preparation will reduce the water use of a lawn by 20% to 30%. For the first roll, use the entire length of the sod. Cut the sod to fit irregular shapes such as around a planter. Sep 17, 2020 · How to Lay Sod . Here's what experts recommend: Moisten the soil if it’s a hot day. The reason is that the sod on the edges is the most likely to dry out. 14. For the rest (mainly the interior), you need to be a bit careful not to leave holes or gaps between pieces of sod. How to Prepare Your Soil for Sod Loosen the top 6 to 8 inches of soil with a rototiller. In summer, this means watering up to 1. 13. One person can place pieces of sod in a wheelbarrow and roll them to the work area. Jan 20, 2020 · Laying down grass sod to start or repair a lawn isn’t the hardest yard task, but it is labor intensive and requires knowing more than “green side up. Should you decide to hire out the prep work and sod laying, interview the con-tractor carefully. If weather is extremely hot, start watering as soon as a small area is layed and rolled. Be sure to mark any existing irrigation heads to avoid breaking them. Laying Sod Download Article 1. Installing sod is more costly if you have a larger area. How big does a pallet of sod need to be? Sep 21, 2017 · Whether you are laying sod in an area for the first time, or replenishing old with new, it will be necessary to prepare the ground in advance. Before laying your sod, you should have done some basic things to prepare your ground. In the grand scheme of home improvement, this project probably ranks on the lower end of skill level, and certainly on the lower end of the potential disaster. How to Install Sod Welcome to one of our most popular page with landscapers and homeowners alike! We have over 56 years of experience growing & installing beautiful lawns. By adding compost to the soil, clay soils drain better, and sandy soils retain more water. The most important (and most labor intensive) part of a successful planting is proper soil preparation. This can be done by watering the area, spraying herbicide, then laying around 2 inches of compost atop the lawn. Sod is especially popular when there is an immediate need to reduce erosion or reduce the amount of soil that gets tracked indoors. Remove any excess sod using a knife. This will ensure the sod bed doesn’t dry out. Aug 07, 2021 · How To Lay Sod? You can lay sod from spring to winter. Remember to wait 7-10 days to install your new sod after applying glyphosate to ensure that it’s completely out of the soil. Advance preparation of the area will assure the new sod will take root and grow vigorously, . Your . Sod that won’t be installed within a few hours should be unstacked to allow air circulation. 2. We also install and deliver to Residential homes. Then, move inwards and lay the sod so that the joints are staggered. Once you’ve had it delivered, you should start by laying sod along the longest straight stretch of your lawn. The sod should be placed directly on top of the soil and pushed firmly in place and tamped down with your hand to make sure the sod has direct contact with the soil and there are no wrinkles. Mowing the lawn before time can hamper the natural growth of your sod and repress its natural speed of growing. Even on a mild spring day, you’ll end up hot, sweaty and . 16. When done incorrectly, it's a huge waste of time and money. How to Lay Sod Whether your project is commercial or residential, using sod is often the quickest and easiest route to establishing a lawn. Butt it to the edge as tightly as possible without overlapping the surface. Step 6. Professional sod installation costs $1 to $2 per square foot , which includes old sod removal, soil preparation, new sod, delivery, and laying labor. Make sure all joints are butted tightly together - without overlapping or spaces between strips of sod. Sod is the quicker way to have a green lawn. Firmly press the sod into place. Tips for Laying Sod | Be sure to fertilize first! Apply a Starter Fertilizer first, before laying down the sod. For the installers, whether yourself or paid professional, all sprinkler heads will need to be flagged with paint, or irrigation flags, or wooden stakes. For the first two weeks after the 1st watering, the goal is to never allow the soil under the sod to dry out. Be sure to set your mower to the highest setting possible in order to avoid cutting it too close to the root. Sod is an easy DIY lawn project that can get screwed up fast, but its also easy to get right. At this step, we’re going to learn the process of how to install new sod. Hold on to the half-sheet to use a little later. Laying sod is a gratifying experience—you get a new, green lawn in no time! The time to lay sod is early morning before it gets too hot. Always start on the edges when laying sod. New sod installation requires a sod knife, or any sharp knife with at least a 2-inch blade. ” But don’t be daunted. Just follow these 7 steps to do a diy sod installation. Use a utility knife to cut in half the first strip of sod for the second row. Sod is often faster and more reliable than seed, which requires more time and care to establish. If not, no more than the day before. 12. Carefully level all surfaces to be sodded. Jun 27, 2021 · Laying sod means that you’re placing the sod rolls on top of the ground so that the grass roots on the sod will grow into the ground of your lawn. Jan 25, 2021 · 4. Cut the . In fact, there are a few easy steps you can take to effectively and efficiently install sod all by yourself. Water thoroughly one or two days before the sod is delivered so that the top […] Lay a sod at one end of your lawn and start to unroll it from the other side. DO NOT LET IT DRY OUT. In fact, the hardest part is probably staying off the lawn for the first three or four weeks. Apr 24, 2020 · Before Laying New Sod. Third, how to lay sod. Also notice in the picture that there is a peninsula that hides part of the view, this adds an element of professionalism. We don’t mind sharing some of what we’ve learned with our customers to help make your sod install experience as great as possible. Secondly, you might (not necessary) purchase a light starter fertilizer to put down on the soil prior to the sod. We confidently install sod year round and get great longterm results. Jun 23, 2021 · How to Lay Sod. Lay it in a brick-like pattern. You can purchase small sod plugs, sod rolls by the case or pallets of sod. Mar 19, 2013 · Fill a rented sod roller with water (for weight) and go over the lawn several times. Nov 09, 2019 · Remove the Old Grass. Step 2: Ensure that you have 4-6″ of quality topsoil. Run a tight string from one end to the other, along this longest distance. Preparing Your Ground for Sod. Turfgrass Sod Installation – How To. Joints should be butted tightly together, but not overlapping. When to Lay Sod In most areas, early autumn and spring are the best times of the year to lay sod. Lay your first row of sod, usually along the longest side of the yard. Rent a small sod harvester to remove the old turf. Before laying sod, the old grass and a bit of the old soil beneath it has to be taken away. On a slope, it is very important not to skip the step of rolling out your sod. The same is true when laying sod. How to Install Sod. Take care not to walk or run on new sod, as this can prevent the fragile young roots from . Laying down sod is the fastest and most efficient way to create a new lawn, instantly transforming a barren patch of dirt into a lush green grass. May 07, 2021 · After laying new sod, look at the roots during the first week of laying it. What type of sod are we talking about? Cool season or warm season? Otherwise the lawn bed preparation is critical CRITICAL. Most Bermuda sod, the most commonly used sod, comes 504 square feet per pallet. Knowing the type of soil you have will go along way in ensuring that you are providing the right base and environment for your sod to grow. You will then need to use a sod cutter or roto-tiller to remove the top layer of grass and debris to create a smooth and graded surface for laying new sod. For larger jobs, this means that you will have to set up a sprinkler in a finished area while you continue to lay sod elsewhere. You can start from a sidewalk or a plant bed and start working the way out. Preparing to Install Sod. Anyone who has had a mishap when trying to lay tile knows this: How you start will have a huge impact on how the finished project looks. It takes a few weeks for sod to take roots but if the roots are obstructed the sod lacks nutrients and dries up. Place each piece as closely together as possible but without overlapping, and . If your new sod roots appear to be rotting, you may have been overwatering or watering more frequently than needed. Mar 29, 2018 · Tri -Turf Sod is owned and operated by Jason and Tina Pooler. Duration: 01:54 6/23/2021. Sod staples may be necessary on steep slopes to keep the sod rolls from moving during the first few weeks. Give your lawn a good start by choosing quality sod. Make several passes in a crisscross pattern to chop the old sod and turn over the soil. Clear the Ground. To add in, the plant is so versatile and well-adapted that it can grow well in the most living location. Jul 06, 2021 · Sod Laying by Sage Ross / CC BY-SA 2. After laying sod, you should wait for approximately 2 weeks before you mow the lawn. SHARE. It’s a lot easier to install grass using this method but for best results, must be properly cared for after it’s installation. This will save you time and give more structure to the new sod. Jan 19, 2015 · Water after laying the sod to the point of good root saturation. BOOM! Pretty green grass. Use a. Use the utility knife to trim the sod much the same way you would it to trim carpet. It’s best to begin your installation in a corner. Rake and roll the surface until firm and graded for drainage. Stagger strips in a brick-like pattern, and be sure that all pieces fit tightly together. May 14, 2020 · After your first row is placed, cut the next piece of sod in half and place it adjacent to the first sheet of sod you placed in the first row. Use a utility knife to cut out sod that is placed over irrigation heads or any other obstruction on your lawn. Sod rolls should be unrolled green side up and placed tightly together with the seams staggered. This will make your job much easier! Click here to download our PDF installation supply list. Pro Tip: If laying sod on a hill make sure your rows run perpendicular to the slope. Proper Watering: You need to provide your sod with enough water to thoroughly soak the first few inches of soil for the first week to week and a half of laying the sod. Need a new lawn in a hurry or just tired of the bare spots? You could buy a bag of grass seed and wait around for . Lay Down the Sod. When done, you should have a fully brown lawn. Preparing your ground to accept the new sod is where the bulk of the work comes in. In order for the sod to establish, it's best to start with freshly watered soil. Lay the Sod. Keep feet off the sod while laying it as much as possible. Use the utility knife to trim the sod to navigate around a driveway, patio or landscape fixture. Here are the steps to follow to get the perfect result you are looking for: The day before your sod is delivered, give the lawn area a good watering. But after that, the lawn is ready for fun and relaxation. With the preparation done, you’re ready to lay sod. Stagger the joints in each row like rows of bricks. The steps involved in how to lay sod aren't hard to follow. Lay the Rest of Sod. Learning how to lay sod DIY is the fastest way to make a fantastic lawn for your home. Sep 21, 2018 · New sod should be installed within 24 hours of being cut on the sod farm. More tips for laying sod: It’s optimal to lay and water sod in the morning. Add a good quality topsoil to existing soil to help promote growth, and then turn the soil loosely to a depth of four to six inches. On your lightly moistened soil, lay your sod pieces with the edges butted tightly together, in a staggered brick like pattern. Make sure the pieces of sod are tightly fitted together, but not overlapping. How to Lay Sod. Look at the area and figure out which is the longest distance across it. Step 3: Based on soil testing, amend soil before laying sod and plan on additional fertilization or lime as needed seasonally. Laying Sod. You would also want to include an application of Gypsum, which will loosen the existing ground and encourage a healthier root system. Oct 12, 2015 · Laying Sod. Be sure to install your sod on the same day it’s delivered. A landscape contractor can lay down 2,000 sq. Step 1. Start by laying sod along a long edge. Leveling Your Lawn Use an iron rake to knock down any high spots and fill in low spots so the soil is level and 1. The pros have a few tips, and they begin with one realization: You work hard in the yard laying sod. 1 sq. Laying sod is a great way to have a lawn without the interminable wait for seeds to germinate and grow, but don’t kid yourself—it’s a big, time-consuming job. This is also when you should mow your new lawn for the first time after laying sod. Removing your old grass is the best way to lay new sod, as this gives it a level surface to root into. Apr 25, 2018 · Laying sod is really easy and I realize I might be in the minority here, but I found I really liked laying sod. Stagger the sod pieces similar to a row of bricks. Preparing the soil for new sod is essential before sodding. Begin laying strips of sod. Let it sit for a few weeks to fully suppress growth in the soil. It might seem like a big job, but with the right tools, preparation, and installation method, any amateur gardener can DIY their way from rolls of unlaid sod to an enviable new lawn. Start laying sod, one strip at a time, along the edge of the lawn. You want to buy mature sod that has been properly fertilized, with roots that form a dense mat. 4. Laying the First Row Find the . Were going to one of our jobs for some DIY Lawn Installation t. Time to seam the . 3 Laying the first strip. Work outwards from the center line towards the edges. Set your lawn mower at the lowest setting, mow the lawn, rake debris and put down a thin layer of good quality top soil before laying sod. Start by dampening the . Unroll the first piece of sod next to a driveway or a street. Store the sod in a cool, shaded area, keeping it moist until you lay it. Begin by laying the sod lengthwise along a straight edge, such as a walkway or driveway. If the sod needs to be cut to size, do so with a sod cutter or a utility knife, making sure to cut through the roots of the sod. how to lay sod